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Viewing the results of a Provision Job

After running a Provision Job, you can display results in a tab in the content editor.

The tab for the job contains a hierarchical tree that shows results for each run of the job. Each run displays results for each target server provisioned by the job run.

To view results of a Provision Job:

  1. In the Jobs folder, select a Provision Job, right-click, and select Show Results.
    A new tab appears in the content editor. It shows the Provision Job results.
  2. In the hierarchical tree on the left, expand a run of the Provision Job.
    The pane on the right shows summary information for each job run.
  3. On the Show Results tab, you can do the following:
    • View information about the devices targeted by the job. Click the job run in the hierarchical tree. The right pane lists the devices and provides information about each.
    • View log messages about the provisioning of a device. Click the device in the hierarchical tree.
    • Execute the job: In the hierarchical tree on the left of the tab, right-click the job and select Execute from the drop-down menu.
    • Show the log for the job. See Viewing the log for a Provision Job.
    • Export the log for the job. See Exporting the log for a Provision Job.
    • View the device-specific system package settings. Right-click the device and select Show System Package.

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