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Provisioning multiple servers - tips

The Provision Job wizard has several features that automate the process of creating unique values for Computer Name and OM Server Name.

Suppose you are provisioning many servers using the same Provision Job. You can use the following options to automatically generate computer names for the devices.

  • On the Provision Job Devices panel, you can enter a base name in the Computer Name field and in the OM Server Name field. The wizard appends sequential numbers to the base name you provide and assigns the values to the selected servers. For example, if you enter MyServer in the Computer Name field, the wizard uses MyServer_1 for the first server, MyServer_2 for the second server, and so on. These unique names are visible after you select those devices for provisioning on the Provision Job Devices panel. If needed, you could then change the two values (Computer name and OM server name) by editing each device individually.
  • Before you create the Provision Job, you can use the Import Device feature to associate a generated computer name with each device's MAC address when you import the devices to the BMC Server Automation Console. For information about how to do this, see Importing a list of devices. When you select those devices for provisioning on the Provision Job Devices panel, you see a parameterized property value like ??LOCAL_COMPUTER_NAME?? in the Computer Name field.
    If this parameterized property value results in unique computer names for all devices, the wizard leaves the names as specified. However, if the wizard finds duplicate names, it automatically appends sequence numbers to the duplicate names to make them unique (NAME_1, NAME_2, and so on).
    If the parameterized property value results in some devices not having names, you can provide names on the Provision Job Devices panel.
  • The Provision Job overrides the parameters obtained from the system package. Changes that you make in a system package after you save a Provision Job are not reflected in the saved Job.
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