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Changing the location of installation files

The System Package Types tab on the Provisioning Configurations window identifies the system packages you can use for provisioning. In some situations, you may want to modify the location where you store installation files for a particular system package.

This information applies to PXE, JumpStart, NIM, and Ignite environments.

Before you begin

This procedure requires you to provide the location of installation files stored in the data store. The data store is a directory structure that holds installation files. When your BMC Server Automation system is first set up, a data store should also be set up.
You identify the root of the data store by doing one of the following:

  • PXE — specifying the FULL_PATH property in the Data Store system object.
  • JumpStart — specifying the INSTALL_SERVER_FULL_PATH property in the Data Store system object.
  • NIM — specifying the NIM_MASTER property in the Data Store system object.
  • Ignite — specifying the IGNITE_SERVER property in the Data Store system object.

To change the location of installation files

  1. Choose Configuration > Provisioning Configurations.
  2. Click the System Package Types tab.
  3. Under Relative Paths for OS Images, select a system package type and click Edit.
  4. In the System Package Type window, edit the fields that specify installation file locations. Then click OK.
    Each system package type uses different fields for controlling installation file locations. For information, see System Package Types tab.
  5. Click OK on the System Package Types tab to have your provisioning configuration changes take effect.
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