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Migrating patch repositories for Oracle Enterprise Linux

The procedure described below generates an XML file that identifies the contents of the repository by its OS and architecture. The file provides the means for BMC Server Automation to consolidate all of the RPMs in a single location so that the repository can be used as a source for an offline patch catalog.

Use this procedure in the following cases:

  • The patch repository was initially created using BMC Server Automation Vendor Patch Content
  • You used a patch download utility that was not supplied by BMC Server Automation.

In the following procedure, you define the location where the data is stored and where to create the repository used by BMC Server Automation.

To create a repository for Oracle Enterprise Linux

Enter the following command. Choose the relevant command based on the operating system where you run the command:

  • On a Linux computer:

    oel_downloader.sh -createRepo -srcLocation "<locationOperSysArch>" -repoLocation "<repositoryPath>"
  • On a Windows computer:

    oel_downloader.bat -createRepo -srcLocation "<locationOperSysArch>" -repoLocation "<repositoryPath>"

This command uses the following variables:


The location of the metadata and payload you downloaded from the vendor site, using the following format:


  • Loc1 (or Loc2) is a location on a server with Internet access where the metadata and payload is stored.
  • os-arch is the OS/architecture combination used during download.
    You can supply more than one combination using a semi-colon (\;) between each set of information.
    Note: Quotation marks are required.


The local location where the repository, used by BMC Server Automation, is stored.
Note: Quotation marks around the path are required.


oel_downloader.sh -createRepo -srcLocation "/repo/oel_repo1,OEL5-x86;/repo/oel_repo2,OEL4-x86"
-repoLocation "/repo/oel_new_repo"
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