Configuring your system for patch catalog creation

Use the following procedure to configure BMC Server Automation with the appropriate proxy credentials and other information for accessing vendor patch sites for Microsoft Windows on the Internet.

  1. On the console, click Configuration on the menu bar and select Patch Global Configuration.

  2. If your environment uses a proxy server to grant Internet access, you must configure the appropriate proxy credentials. In the Patch Global Configuration view, on the All Operating Systems tab, configure the following information to enable downloads in a proxy environment:
    1. Proxy Server Type — Select your proxy server type.
    2. User Name and Password — Enter a user name and password, if needed, for proxy authentication.
    3. Domain — Enter the domain name of the proxy server. Domain is optional if you provide an IP address or a fully qualified domain name in the Host field.
    4. Host ---- Identify the proxy server using either the host name, an IP address, or a fully qualified name including the domain.
    5. Port — Enter the port number used for communication with the proxy server.

  3. You can accept the default values on the Windows tab. For instructions about other operating systems, see Patch management.
  4. Click the Shavlik URL Configuration tab. For each entry on the tab:
    1. Double-click the entry.
    2. Verify that the Check for updates field is checked.
    3. Click OK.

  5. If you made changes on any of the tabs, click Save (the diskette icon) at the top of the Patch Global Configuration view.
  6. Close the Patch Global Configuration view.
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