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Verifying the results of a Microsoft Windows Patching Job

  1. Open a window for the job run (see Viewing status and results of a Windows Patching Job for instructions).
  2. Expand the Analysis Run object.
  3. Verify that the analysis completed for all servers by clicking each server in the tree and examining the status field.
  4. Click Close.
  5. In the console Folder view, navigate to the Jobs folder, right-click the Windows Patching Job and select Show Results.
  6. In the job tab that appears in the content editor (typically the top right corner of the console), expand Server View and then click Successful Targets.
    The right panel shows a summary of the job results, including the numbers of missing hotfixes for each server.
  7. Expand Successful Targets.
  8. Click a server.
    The right panel lists the specific missing hotfixes for that server.

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