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Downloading payloads explicitly after a Patching Job run

If you did not download payloads during catalog creation, you can download them explicitly by creating a Download Job. Use the following procedure to download payloads explicitly.

  1. From the Patching Job results, expand the Analysis Run object.
  2. Expand the Object View or the Server View item.
  3. Right-click the target, and select Download All Missing Patches. The download job creation wizard is launched.
  4. Specify a name for the download job, and specify the folder in which to save the job.You can create a new folder or use an existing folder.
  5. Click Next.
    A list of patches to download when this job executes is displayed. The list is automatically populated with the patch or patches that were missing on the target(s) in the analysis results.
  6. Click Next, and set any job run notifications.
  7. Click Next, and select the Execute job now check box to execute the download job immediately after creation.
  8. Click Finish.
    The download job is created in the selected job folder.The download job is executed either immediately (if the Execute job now option was selected), or when you right-click the job folder containing the download job and select Execute. The Tasks in Progress tab displays the download jobs.
  9. Click the download job to view its log.
  10. To view the execution results of the download job, right-click the job folder containing the download job in the Jobs workspace, and select Show Results.
    The summary view of the results displays the number of patches that were successfully downloaded and the number of patches that failed to download.
  11. To view the details of the patches that were download, click the Object View item.

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