Properties view

The Properties view provides a list of properties associated with the current system object. The Properties view is part of the Properties, Permissions, and Audit Trail tab group in the Classic perspective.

In the Properties view, three categories of properties exist:

  • Basic
  • Extended
  • Full

All system objects have the same set of Basic properties. These properties provide information such as the name and description of the object and the role that created the object.

The Extended set of properties provides information that applies to this type of system object, such as properties for servers or jobs. Extended properties also includes user-defined properties.

The Full set of properties consists of properties similar to Extended properties. They provide information about the type of system object. However, Full properties are data-intensive. Displaying information for any of the Full properties may slow the performance of the BMC Server Automation Console.

For a complete discussion of properties in the BMC Server Automation system, see Working with properties. For a description of using the Properties view to set values for system object properties, see Setting values for system object properties.

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