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Defining a smart group

Smart groups are groups for which you define membership conditions based on object properties.


  • You cannot manually add objects, folders, or groups to smart groups, nor can you delete or cut objects from smart groups.
  • You cannot create smart groups that are based on properties of the type List of String. These are properties whose values can be chosen from a list of pre-defined strings.

This topic contains the following sections:

To define a smart group

  1. Perform one of of the following actions:
    • Choose File > New > Other to open the New Select window. Enter a phrase in the filter text box to narrow the search list or expand the General or BMC trees to browse to the type of smart group you want to create. 
      A wizard opens that lets you define the membership conditions for a smart group.
    • Right-click any of the object types listed below and select New > objectType > Smart Group from the pop-up menu. In this menu option, objectType is the type of object for which you are creating a smart group, such as a server of component.
      You can select:
      • The following top-level folders:
        Component Templates

      • Sub-folders or sub-groups of any of the folders listed above.
  2. Provide information for the smart group wizard, as described in the following sections: 
  3. Click Finish.
    The new smart group is created. Objects matching the conditions you have specified automatically populate the group.

To learn more about smart groups

The following video demonstrates how to use smart groups to classify servers automatically based on their attributes.


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