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Console perspectives and views

A perspective is a visual configuration of elements for organizing your work space. A view is an element of a perspective, organized around a specific work theme.

Typically, a perspective contains one or more pre-configured views and a space for content editors. Views are organized around specific work themes such as objects, properties, commands, jobs, and so on. You can work with a pre-configured perspective, or you can use a pre-configured perspective as the basis for building a customized perspective to support your workflow.

The views within the pre-configured perspectives support the tasks you perform in the content editor. All of the views in the Classic perspective support the most frequently performed tasks associated with BMC Server Automation. For example, if you select a server in the Folders view, the selected server appears in the Properties view, Permissions view, and Audit Trail view tab group. The Tasks in Progress view updates jobs that are run against the objects selected in the Folders view, including the selected server.

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