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Viewing server object properties

From the Servers folder, you can view properties for server objects.

To view server object properties

  1. In the Servers folder, right-click a server and select Browse from the pop-up menu. Then, use the  Live node  to select one of the following server object types:
    • .NET Assemblies - Windows
    • Event logs - Windows
    • Files and directories - Windows and UNIX (including VMware VMFS file systems)
    • Hotfixes - Windows
    • Local groups - Windows
    • Local users - Windows
    • Registry keys - Windows
    • Security settings - Windows
    • Services - Windows
  2. Navigate to the server object for which you want information. Right-click it and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
    The Properties dialog box displays attributes for the selected server object. The categories of information provided on the Properties dialog box differ for different types of server object. See Viewing security information for files and registry keys for more about viewing security information for files.
  3. To close the Properties dialog box, click Close.
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