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Viewing or deleting stored certificates

The logon window for BMC Server Automation lets you view or delete a stored certificate.

When you use the BMC Server Automation Console to establish a connection with an Application Server, a certificate appears. You can choose to trust the certificate. If you do, the certificate is used to secure the connection with the BMC Server Automation client, and the certificate is added to the keystore for client applications. This procedure shows the list of certificates in the keystore. You can view each certificate, and you can choose to delete one or more of the certificates.

To view or delete stored certificates

  1. Open the BMC Server Automation logon window by doing one of the following:
    • (Microsoft Windows) Perform one of the following steps:
      • From the Start menu, select Programs > BMC Software > BladeLogic Server Automation Suite > Server Automation Console releaseNumber.
      • From the directory where BMC Server Automation is installed (for example, C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\CM), enter:


        If you more than one version of the client is installed, the different versions reside in directories called BladeLogicN, such as BladeLogic2.

    • (UNIX) From the directory where BMC Server Automation is installed (for example, /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/CM), entering:

  2. Click Options. The logon window expands to show additional options in a tabbed format.
  3. Click the Certificates tab. The logon window lists all certificates in the client keystore.
  4. From the certificates list, select a certificate and either:
    • Click Delete. A confirmation dialog box appears.
    • Click View. The Certificate View window opens. This tab shows the certificate issuer and the role and user to whom the certificate was issued. To obtain more detailed information about the certificate, click the Details tab. Click Close to close the Certificate dialog box.
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