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How to deploy Control-M

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Windows Install

Prepare a silent install XML file, either by running the agent installer manually and instructing it to save an "Auto-generated Install" file or by creating a file manually using the example file below:

<AutomatedInstallation langpack="eng">
<target.product>Control-M/Agent 7.0.00</target.product>
<entry key="field.Authorized.Controlm.Server.Host" value="hostname.bmc.com"/>
<entry key="field.Agent.To.Server.Port.Number" value="7005"/>
<entry key="field.Server.To.Agent.Port.Number" value="7006"/>
<entry key="field.Primary.Controlm.Server.Host" value="hostname.bmc.com"/>
<entry key="INSTALL_PATH" value="C:\Program Files\BMC Software"/>

Save the file to the same location as the setup.exe file.

Create a custom software deployment with the install command (considering that the unzipped agent is in folder DRKAI.xx.xx)


"??SOURCE??"\DRKAI.7.0.00.windows_x86_64\setup.exe -silent ??SOURCE??\silent_install_win.xml
Uninstall:"C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M Agent\Default\BMCINSTALL\uninstall\DRKAI.7.0.00\uninstall.exe -silent


"??SOURCE??"\DRKAI.7.0.00.windows\setup.exe -silent ??SOURCE??\silent_install_win.xml
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