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Disabling IPv6 via registry

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 On Windows 2008, you can create a registry key for disabling IPv6. You can then include this registry key in a BLPackage and deploy the BLPackage to target servers.

  1. Create or modify the following registry key to disable IPv6 on Windows 2008:

    DisabledComponents - set the value to 000000ff
  2. Create a BLPackage by live browsing to the registry key that you created in the previous step, right-clicking it, and selecting Add to Depot As > BLPackage.
  3. After creating the BLPackage, set the registry key value according to the value specified in the previous step.
  4. Deploy the BLPackage against a test server to validate that deployment and rollback work successfully.

For more information, see the example in Adding or removing Windows registry keys.

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