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Manipulating Windows user account properties through a BLPackage

You can deploy a BLPackage with the objective of manipulating the properties of Windows user accounts at the target servers. Through the BLPackage editor, you can configure user asset attributes that set user account control flags or disable the user account. For more information about Microsoft Windows UserAccountControl flags, refer to Microsoft Windows documentation.

To set user account properties in a BLPackage

  1. In the hierarchy view, select a Windows user account object included in the BLPackage.
    At right you see the attributes associated with that object.
  2. In the right pane, set values for the following attributes:

    ObjectiveAsset attributes
    Disable the account

    Set the following attributes:

    • AccountDisabled to a value of 1 (true)
    • UpdateAccountDisabled to a value of 1 (true)

    The UpdateAccountDisabled attribute controls the AccountDisabled attribute.

    Ensure that the UpdateControlFlags attribute (see next row) is set to a value of 0. The UpdateAccountDisabled attribute and UpdateControlFlags attribute cannot both be set to a value of 1 at the same time.

    Set full user account details through a UserAccountControl value

    Set the following attributes:

    • ControlFlags to the relevant UserAccountControl value (for lists of values, refer to Microsoft Windows documentation)
      For example: 66048 is the value for Enabled, Password Doesn't Expire
    • UpdateControlFlags to a value of 1 (true)

    The UpdateControlFlags attribute controls the ControlFlags attribute.

    Ensure that the UpdateAccountDisabled attribute (see previous row) is set to a value of 0. The UpdateControlFlags attribute and UpdateAccountDisabled attribute cannot both be set to a value of 1 at the same time.

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