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Windows Hotfix Patch not found in the Catalog

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Use the following guidelines to analyze a case where the patch is not found in the Catalog. The Patch Analysis Job does not report a patch unless it is present in the Catalog, and the Role running Analysis Job can see the patch.

For the Patch to be present in the Catalog, several conditions must be met. The following sections describe how to verify that these conditions are met and provide troubleshooting guidelines.

Windows Patch Catalog is configured with the correct Filter

Validate that the Catalog is configured with appropriate filters. If unsure which filter the patch belongs to, review the vendor website for the patch information. Some of the Filters are: MSXML, Internet Explorer, .NET Framework, Java, Windows 2008, and Office 2003.

Note: Although this situation is rare, the Bulletin might possibly contain patches from different filters.

Product or Service Pack that contains the patch is supported

New major versions of Products and Service Packs were added in later BladeLogic releases. For example, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 support was added in BladeLogic 8.0 SP10 and 8.1 SP2. A patch that is applicable to 2008 R2 and 2008 R2 SP1 will have separate hotfix objects in the Catalog.

If some other patch objects are visible for your Product or Service Pack, then chances are it is supported.

The Patch is valid and released by VMware/Shavlik Technologies

VMware/Shavlik Technologies releases new XML files weekly. You can subscribe to Shavlik XML Releases for a detailed list of newly added patches byfollowing this link: http://www.shavlik.com/support/xmlsubscribe.aspx

For a list of supported Shavlik products from the Shavlik site, click here
If your product of interest is on the list, but BladeLogic does not have a Filter for it, file a Feature Enhancement with BMC Support.

  1. Validate that your patch in question has been released prior to your last Catalog Update Job run. Additional information about the patches and known issues can be obtained from Shavlik forums: http://forum.shavlik.com/
  2. Certain patches released from Microsoft are not publically available. Such patches are not supported via a built-in patching solution.

Windows Patch Catalog and Shavlik metadata are up-to-date

If you are looking for the latest patches, validate that the Catalog was updated after the metadata XML was released by Shavlik. Validate that you have the latest Shavlik metadata files in the <fileserver>/<path_to_storage>/patch/catalog/catalog_xxxxx/ folder. If you do not have the latest files, then your network infrastructure might be using a web accelerator with cached content, and this could be the root cause of the issue.

The Patch has correct RBAC Authorizations applied

In multi-Role organizations that heavily utilize ACL Templates and Policies, it is possible to misconfigure so that the Role performing the Patch Analysis Job (or simply looking inside of the Catalog) does not see the expected patch. To validate that the patch actually exists in the Catalog, but does not have correct authorizations, check for the patch via RBACAdmin. If the patch is found with incorrect authorizations, then this is the root cause of the problem and chances are that additional patches have the same issue. The short-term fix is to re-apply correct authorizations/template/policy to all patch objects in the Catalog. The root cause of why the incorrect authorizations existed will need to be reviewed separately.

Collecting the logs

If your issue is still not resolved, collect the following information and file a ticket with BMC Support:

  • Bulletin and KB number of patch(es) in question
  • Catalog Update Job log
  • Issue summary and where you had difficulties
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