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Patching Job - Properties

The Properties panel provides a list of properties automatically assigned to a Snapshot Job. In this list, you can modify the value of any properties that are defined as editable.

For any property that has a check in the Editable column, select the property and click in the Value column.

  • To set a property value back to its default value, click Reset to Default Value .
    The value of the property is reset to the value it inherits from a built-in property class. The Value Source column shows the property class from which the value is inherited.
  • Depending on the type of property you are editing, you can take different actions to set a new value, such as entering an alphanumeric string, choosing from an enumerated list, or selecting a date.
    To insert a parameter into the value, enter the value, bracketed with double question mark delimiters (for example, ??MYPARAMETER??) or click Select Property .

The following table provides a list of editable properties:

Property nameProperty typeDescription
AUTO_GENERATEDBooleanSpecifies whether the object was auto generated.

Specifies whether the Debug Mode has been enabled for the patching job.

If this property is set to TRUE, the logs that are created while performing a patch analysis job on the targets are saved on the Application Server.

 Click here for the location.

 <ApplicationServerName>/ opt/bmc/bladelogic /NSH/tmp/debug /application_server/ <JobName>/ <TimeAndDateStamp> / <TargetServerIPAddress>

JOB_PART_TIMEOUTIntegerSpecifies the number of minutes the job part or work item should run before it is automatically canceled.
JOB_TIMEOUTIntegerSpecifies the number of minutes the job should run before it is automatically canceled.
MAX_PARALLEL_PER_VM_HOSTIntegerSpecifies the maximum number of parallel work items processed per Vitrual Machine host.
PRIORITYJobPriorityEnumerationSpecifies the priority of the Patching Job
RESULTS_RETENTION_TIMEIntegerSpecifies the number of days to retain old job runs and job results for the job.

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