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Creating a File Deploy Job

File Deploy Jobs let you deploy one or more files or directories to one or more servers.

The video at right demonstrates the process of creating and running a File Deploy Job.



  • If you deploy a symbolic link, an equivalent symbolic link is created on the remote host. You do not deploy whatever the symbolic link points to. In other words, if you deploy a symbolic link that points to a directory, the directory is not copied; only the link is copied.
  • To deploy files and directories, BMC Server Automation recommends that you have administrator privileges on the remote server to which you are deploying. To accomplish this, there are two approaches:
    • For Windows target servers, you can use an automation principal to set up Windows user mapping. This mechanism allows you to map a role to a local or domain user on a target server who has administrator privileges. For more information about Windows user mapping, see Creating automation principals.
    • For UNIX target servers and Windows servers where you do not want to use automation principals, you must map your machine or user name to a local user on the remote server. That local user should have administrator privileges. You must also perform this type of mapping on repeaters when you are copying files to them for indirect deployments, even if you are ultimately deploying files to Windows target servers using Windows user mapping. For more information about configuration files and mapping users, see Setting up configuration files.

To create a File Deploy Job

  1. To create a new File Deploy Job, do one of the following:
    • Using the Servers folder, right-click a server and select Browse from the pop-up menu. In the content editor, expand the Live > File System node for a server, and then select the files and directories you want to deploy. Right-click and select Deploy Files from the pop-up menu. The New File Deploy Job wizard opens.
    • Open the Jobs folder and navigate to the job folder where you want to create a File Deploy job. Right-click the job folder and select New > File Deploy Job from the pop-up menu. The New File Deploy Job wizard opens.
  2. Provide information for the File Deploy job, as described in the following sections:
  3. Click Finish after completing the last step of the wizard.
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