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Viewing snapshot and change tracking results

The results of a Snapshot Job show the contents of a snapshot. If a Snapshot Job has run more than once, Snapshot Job results can show change tracking information.

To view snapshot and change tracking results

  1. To view snapshot and change tracking results, do one of the following:
    • Select a Snapshot Job in the Jobs folder, right-click, and then select Show Results.
      A new tab with a hierarchy of the jobs on the left opens in the content editor.
    • Select a server in the Servers folder, right-click, and then select Browse.
      A new tab for the selected server opens in the content editor. Click the Snapshot Results tab on the bottom.
  2. In the hierarchical tree on the left of the tab, expand a run of a Snapshot Job.
  3. Expand the Server View or Object View node. Then expand the contents of either node until you can click the server object type for which you want to see details.
  4. Click the Change Tracking tab to view the total number of changes, including the number of items added, the number of items modified, and the number of items deleted.
  5. Click the Snapshot tab to view the server object name, type, and, if available, a description of the Snapshot Job.
    The table on the right side of the tab shows the contents of the selected server object that are included in the snapshot. When viewing hierarchical server objects, such as directories or metabase objects in the Server Node, you can click folders or items within folders.
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