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How to remediate Change Tracking results

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You can use the results of a Snapshot Job to package differences and deploy them to targets.

Remediating individual differences

If you only want to update specific changes on a target, you can right-click an object and select either Back-out all Changes or Package Snapshot Delta. The first option creates a BLPackage of the differences along with a Deploy Job, while the second option only creates the BLPackage.

Remediating all changes on a server

If you want to update all the changes on a server, you can right-click a server and select Back-out all Changes.

Remediating All Targets from a Job

Lastly, if you are using an Audit Job, you can also remediate at the Job level. This lets you remediate all of the objects across all of the inconsistent targets of the Job.

Validating Remediation

Once you have deployed your remediation BLPackages to your targets, you want to make sure that they are consistent. While BMC Server Automation is a powerful tool, you should always make it put its money where its mouth is. Re-execute your Audit Job or Snapshot Job (depending on where you packaged your changes), and validate that your targets are now consistent.

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