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How to Create a Snapshot of a Component

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If you already have a Component which you intend to Snapshot, you are now ready to capture a moment-in-time picture of the objects that you selected (the parts) in your Component Template.

  1. For a Snapshot of a single Component, right-click the Component and select Snapshot. If you are performing Change Tracking against multiple Components, right-click the Component Template and select Snapshot.
  2. Provide a meaningful name, and store it in a logical location as seen below. Click Next.

  3. Validate that your Component Template is selected and click Next.

  4. If you are performing a Snapshot of a "gold" Server, choose the individual Component for that server, as seen in the first screen shot below. If you are performing Change tracking for all of your Components, select the Component Template Smart Group that you created earlier (see Defining a smart group), as seen in the second screen shot below.

  5. Click Finish and execute your Snapshot Job.  Next, you might want to leverage one of the following pages:
    1. How to use Snapshot Jobs for Change Tracking
    2. How to re-baseline a Component-based Snapshot
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