SCAP Compliance Job - Profile Selector

The Profile Selector panel lets you select the SCAP benchmark and profile for the SCAP Compliance Job. The Advanced Settings button on this panel lets you control run parameters such as logging levels and whether detailed result files are created and retained on target servers. The following figure shows the Profile Selector panel:

Field definitions

XCCDF Benchmark

Specifies the SCAP benchmark to use in this job. The benchmark must already exist in a folder in the Depot folder. For information, see Importing SCAP content.

Click Browse, select an SCAP benchmark name, and click OK.


Lists the profile names in the selected benchmark. Select a profile to use in the scans initiated by this job. If you select No Profile - All rules selected, all rules in the benchmark are evaluated.
Profiles are defined by the benchmark author. They are used to describe multiple policies in a benchmark. For example, a single benchmark could use profiles to define different policies for development, test, and production systems. Some benchmarks do not have profiles.

OCIL Result File

(Optional) Specifies an Open Checklist Interactive Language (OCIL) Result file that you generated and added to the depot for SCAP 1.2 analysis. The OCIL Result file stores your server-specific answers to the various manual checks that appear in an OCIL Input file (or OCIL questionnaire).

Click Browse, select an OCIL Result file from the tree-like display of the depot, and click OK.

Advanced Settings

(Optional) Provides options for changing the Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) interpreter execution parameters. The OVAL interpreter is a process that runs on each target server to perform the compliance evaluations. The default settings are typical for normal operations.

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