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How to create compliance job remediation

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Sometimes when working with compliance, you might encounter problems. One possible reason is that there are three different places in which you need to to fill in the remediation details in order for it to work.  Below is a short explanation of how to the set up the remediation options needed for remediation to occur.


Before running remediation ensure that Compliance Job is completed. It is recommended that you create a new remediation job for latest compliance run.

  1. When creating the Component Template, check whether the user wants manual remediation or auto remediation:

  2. When adding the compliance rule (not the discovery signature) you need to specify the BLPackage to be deployed in the remediation process. In the case of auto-remediation, you need to check this option. The Remediation tab is enabled only if Allow Remediation or Allow Auto-Remediation are checked (as in the previous screenshot).

  3. After the Discovery Job has run (when the template has components) you need to create the Compliance Job. In the Compliance Job, you need to add all the details as in the next screenshot (this step is enabled only in case Allow Auto-Remediation is selected in the component template):

    In case the components are not compliant, a new BLPackage and a new remediation job will be generated in the location specified as in the previous screenshot.

    If auto-remediation was chosen, the remediation job will be executed and the results will be displayed as part of the Compliance Job results:


    Note that if auto remediation is enabled and if components are non compliant, batch remediation jobs created will be executed sequentially by default.


    Be sure to have the permissions and authorizations for deploying files on the target host.

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