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Viewing differences between text files

Audit Job results can let you display the differences between a text file on the master and a target.

For example, you can select a directory to see if files in that directory are inconsistent with the master server.

Before you begin

To perform this procedure, you must have previously defined the Audit Job by selecting the Contents option in the Snapshot/Audit Options section of the Server Objects panel.

To view differences between text files

  1. In the Jobs folder, select an Audit Job, right-click, and select Show Results.
  2. Using the Server View, navigate to a node that consists of a file where there are differences.
  3. In the audit results pane, right-click the file and select Compare.
    The Audit Compare window opens. The left panel shows the contents of the file on the master and the right shows the content of the same file on the target. Differences between the files are highlighted. The colors used for highlighting are determined by setting user preferences.
    The comparison uses the following graphical aides:
    • A line in the target server indicates if a line was deleted. The master server shows deleted content.
    • A highlighted area in the master and the target shows the location of a change.
    • A highlighted line in the target shows the location of an addition.
  4. Using the buttons on the Audit Compare window, display the first, last, next, or previous difference detected between files.
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