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Workflow Job objectives

The Workflow Job enables you to manage a BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow process that belongs to any BMC Atrium Orchestrator run book module through the BMC Server Automation Console . Using the Workflow Job in BMC Server Automation, you can

  • Run a BMC Atrium Orchestrator process remotely through the BMC Server Automation Console as a BMC Server Automation job.
  • Take advantage of BMC Server Automation job features and capabilities, such as powerful access control, flexible job scheduling, and job-related notifications.
  • Keep a log with details about the execution of the Workflow Job and its underlying BMC Atrium Orchestrator process.
  • View a full history and results for all job runs based on the BMC Atrium Orchestrator process, including results of any secondary BMC Server Automation jobs called by the Workflow Job.

For more information about the integration of BMC Server Automation with BMC Atrium Orchestrator and the creation and import of modules and processes for use by BMC Server Automation jobs, see the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapter for BMC BladeLogic Server Automation User Guide and the BMC Continuous Compliance for Server Automation solution Getting Started Guide. For more information about designing and managing workflows in BMC Atrium Orchestrator , see the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio User Guide.

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