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Requirements and preparatory tasks for Workflow Jobs

Before you can create Workflow Jobs that integrate with BMC Atrium Orchestrator processes, ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator or later is installed.
  • Within BMC Atrium Orchestrator, you have activated the relevant modules that contain the processes that you plan to use in Workflow Jobs and have enabled all the relevant adapters.
  • To enable the execution of another BMC Server Automation job (a child job) by the Workflow Job, ensure that you have installed and configured the BMC Atrium Orchestrator adapter for BMC Server Automation. For child jobs to execute successfully, ensure that the BMC Server Automation user defined for this adapter (typically BLAdmin) has permissions to execute any type of BMC Server Automation job that you want executed by the Workflow Job.
  • You might need to further edit existing processes in BMC Atrium Orchestrator in preparation for using them in BMC Server Automation Workflow Jobs, as described in the following sections:

In addition, you must perform the following preparatory configuration tasks through the BMC Server Automation Console:

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