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Modifying Workflow Jobs

After creating and saving a Workflow Job, you can modify the existing Workflow Job at any time.

To modify a Workflow Job

  1. Do any of the following:
    • To modify the definition of an existing Workflow Job, open the Jobs folder and navigate to an existing job. Right-click the job and select Open from the pop-up menu. The content editor displays a series of tabs, which are described in the following sections:
    • Workflow Job - General
    • Workflow Job - Workflow Input Parameters
    • Workflow Job - Default Notifications
    • Workflow Job - Schedules
      These tabs correspond to panels in the New Workflow Job wizard. Use them to modify the job definition.


      You cannot change the associated BMC Atrium Orchestrator process. A read-only field on the General tab displays the name of the process with which the job is associated.
      An existing Workflow Job does not get updated automatically if its associated process is modified in BMC Atrium Orchestrator. In such a case, you must create a new Workflow Job for the modified process.
      Multiple Workflow Input Parameters tabs may exist, and they may have different names, as specified within the properties of the original BMC Atrium Orchestrator process. For more information, see Configuring input parameters in a process.
      Warning messages about invalid input parameter values are displayed when you open the Workflow Job if values that you defined during the creation of the job for targets, server groups, or jobs have since become obsolete.

  2. To see or modify any properties, permissions, or audit trail information that apply to this job, select the Properties, Permissions, or Audit Trail tab group.
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