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Creating Workflow Jobs

A Workflow Job defines the management of a BMC Atrium Orchestrator process. Workflow Jobs are stored in the Jobs folder.

For information about managing and organizing jobs, as well as performing other actions such as deleting jobs, see Managing jobs.

Before you begin

Ensure that your role is granted, at the minimum, the WorkflowJob.Read and WorkflowJob.Create authorizations.

To create a Workflow Job

  1. In the Jobs folder, right-click a job folder and select New > Workflow Job.
    The Workflow Job Creation wizard opens.
  2. Define the Workflow Job through the wizard panels, as described in the following sections:


    The Workflow Input Parameters panel is not displayed if no input parameters have been defined in the associated BMC Atrium Orchestrator process.

  3. Click Finish after completing the last step of the wizard.
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