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Including metadata in input parameter names

In most cases, the BMC Atrium Orchestrator process that you choose to associate with your Workflow Job already has input parameters defined through its Start activity. Use the information in this topic to modify the existing input parameters so that they include metadata that can be used by the Workflow Job. Use the naming guidelines described in this topic also for any subsequent input parameters that you may decide to add to the process.

For an example, see Example of modified parameter names.

To modify input parameters to include metadata

  1. In the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio, double-click the Start Activity of the process to display the Property panel.
  2. For each input parameter that you want to modify, double-click in the Input Parameter Name column and modify the name of the input parameter in the following manner:
    1. Remove any underscore characters included in the original parameter name.
    2. Add the data type before the existing parameter name and connect it with an underscore character. For a list of data types, see Data types for input parameters of a Workflow Job.
    3. Add any of the optional elements described in the following table after the parameter name. Connect all elements with the underscore character. If the optional element requires a value (this is true for all elements except required), separate the value from the name of the element with a space.

      Optional metadata elements for parameter name

      Optional element


      Example parameter name including the element


      A description for the parameter.

      This description is displayed in a tooltip when you hover over the parameter field on the Workflow Job panel.

      string_Super User_description
      A user with administrative privileges
      (dataType_parameterName_description _value)


      An indication that input for the parameter is required. The element does not need a value.

      On the Workflow Job panel, the label for the parameter field appears in bold characters and you cannot leave the panel until you enter a value.



      A single default value for the parameter. This value appears in the parameter field on the Workflow Job panel.1

      Do not use this element with the job, list_job, or serverGroup data type.

      string_Server Host_default localhost
      (dataType_parameterNamedefault _value)


      The name of a box on the Workflow Job panel in which to include the parameter.

      The following two parameters — User Name and Password — are displayed in the Login Info box on the Workflow Job panel:

      • string_User Name_group Login Info
      • password_Password_group Login Info


      The name of the Workflow Job panel on which to include the parameter. 

      By defining pages, you can split the single Workflow Input Parameters panel (displayed during creation of a Workflow Job) or tab (displayed when editing a Workflow Job) into multiple panels or tabs. However, the relative order of these pages cannot be guaranteed.

      The following parameters are divided across two pages — five parameters in two boxes (groups) on one page, and two parameters on another page:

      • string_Name_group Login Info_page AR Info
      • password_Password_group Login Info_page AR Info
      • xml_Change_group Change Info_page AR Info
      • numeric_Risk_group Change Info_page AR Info
      • string_Status_group Change Info_page AR Info
      • job_Job to Execute_page BladeLogic Job Info
      • list_target_Target Servers_page BladeLogic Job Info

      1 If you specify an invalid default value for a Boolean type parameter, a value of false is used instead. Similarly, if you specify an invalid default value for a numeric parameter, a value of 0 is used instead. If you specify an invalid default target server, the corresponding field on the Workflow Job panel displays "invalid default value" (and you should choose a different value during job configuration).
  3. When you have finished modifying the names of all relevant input parameters, click OK to save the input parameters.


    Any input parameters that you do not modify continue to be passed on to the BMC Server Automation Workflow Job as a string-type input parameters, with no control over their order or relative location on the Workflow Job panels. This is also applicable for any parameters for which your modifications do not properly follow the rules for adding metadata.

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