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Defining input parameter information through XML code

By introducing a special block of XML code into the properties of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator process associated with your BMC Server Automation Workflow Job, you can include additional information about the input parameters and their organization during the configuration of the Workflow Job.

For details about the XML code for workflow definitions, see XML code for workflow definitions

To insert an XML for the definition of workflow input parameters

  1. Use any text editor to create XML code that contains the definitions of all process input parameters and how they are to be organized on panels during the creation of the Workflow Job (or on tabs during the editing of the Workflow Job) in BMC Server Automation.
    If you want to validate your XML code against its schema after you have finished authoring it, you can find a copy of the WorkflowDefinition.xsd in Copy of WorkflowDefinition.xsd for XML validation. For full details about this XML code, see XML code for workflow definitions.
  2. In the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio, double-click a blank area in the process canvas of the relevant process to open its Edit Process Properties dialog box.
  3. Paste your XML text into the Description field (replacing any text that might already be there), and then click OK.
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