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Choosing modules for Workflow Jobs


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Before you create Workflow Jobs and select BMC Atrium Orchestrator processes in Workflow Jobs, you must perform an initial selection of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator modules that you plan to use.This filtering task limits your subsequent choice of BMC Atrium Orchestrator processes during the creation of Workflow Jobs to the relevant processes that are contained within the selected BMC Atrium Orchestrator modules.

Before you begin

  • For best performance during this procedure, keep the BMC Atrium Orchestrator processes that you expect to use in Workflow Jobs grouped in a minimum number of BMC Atrium Orchestrator modules (ideally one or two).
  • Ensure that your role is granted the WorkflowJob.Configure authorization.

To select modules for Workflow Jobs

  1. Select Configuration > Workflow Job Configuration.
  2. From the list of active BMC Atrium Orchestrator modules on the Workflow Job Configuration dialog box, select the modules that contain processes that you want available for selection in Workflow Jobs.


    If the list is empty or you do not see certain modules that you are interested in, activate the relevant modules through BMC Atrium Orchestrator.

  3. Click OK.
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