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Creating a Batch Job

A Batch Job is a group of concatenated jobs of any type, including other Batch Jobs.


In the BLCLI, the corresponding createBatchJob command enables you to perform the same procedure. See the BLCLI help for more information about this command.

To create a Batch Job

  1. Select a job folder in the Jobs folder, right-click, and select New > Batch Job from the pop-up menu.
    The New Batch Job window and the Select Jobs to Add to Batch Job dialog box open.
  2. Select the jobs to add to the Batch Job from the tree displayed in the Select Jobs to Add to Batch Job dialog box. Click OK.
    The job you added to the Batch Job appears in a list on the left of the New Batch Job window.


    Selecting a Virtual Infrastructure Discovery Job as part of a Batch Job is not supported.

  3. Do any of the following:
    • To modify the definition of an individual job that is included in the batch, select the job in the left-hand tree and use the tabs on the right to access the information you want to change. For information about modifying a particular job type, refer to the documentation for that job type.


      When you modify settings for an individual job and save the Batch Job, the settings for that individual job are also saved.

    • To modify the list of jobs, do any of the following:
      • To delete a job, select the job and click Delete .
      • To reposition a job in the list, select the job and click Move Up or Move Down .
      • To add a job to the list of jobs included in the batch, click Add Jobs . The Select Jobs to Add to Batch Job dialog box opens. Use the dialog box to select one or more jobs that should be included in the Batch Job and then click OK. The jobs you select are added to the list on the left.
        You cannot add, delete, or reposition jobs included in a nested Batch Job unless you modify the definition of that nested Batch Job.
    • To provide information for the Batch Job, do the following:
  4. Click OK to save the Batch Job.
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