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Running Undo on a Remediation or Deploy Job

After remediation completes, you can undo (or roll back) the deployment of the BLPackage through the Remediation/Deploy Job results. To begin an undo process, right-click the most recent job run (in the display of job results) and select Undo, or (for a committed package on a specific target server) right-click a cell in the Commit column on the Deploy Status tab and select Undo.


For the CIS - RedHat Linux 5 and PCIv2 - RedHat Linux 5 templates, undo will not revert back invalid User IDs (UIDs) and Group IDs (GIDs), so you must verify that the UIDs and GIDs are valid before you perform remediation.

For more information, see Undoing a Deploy Job.


Ensure that the Windows Firewall service is up and in the running state on the target machine of the undo process. If the Windows Firewall service is running on a target machine and you try to stop it, the target machine becomes inaccessible and the template-level undo job does not respond. 

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