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Using silent mode to upgrade the Application Server (Windows)

This topic provides instructions for performing an unattended (silent) upgrade of the BMC Server Automation Application Server.

To use silent mode for an upgrade, you perform the upgrade on an Application Server and record responses in a response file. Then you run the Application Server installation program in silent mode on the server you want to upgrade.

To upgrade the Application Server in silent mode

  1. Copy the installation program (BBSA<version>-<platform>.exe) to the Windows system where you plan to create the response file.
  2. To create the response file, enter the following command:
    BBSA<version>-<platform>.exe-a -r -f1<WINDIR>\Temp\<silentUpgradeFilePath.iss>
    <silentUpgradeFilePath.iss> is the name of the response file that you are creating.


    Include the version in the name of the file. (For example: 8.6-upgrade.iss.)

  3. Perform an upgrade of the Application Server, selecting options as you normally do. Options you select are recorded in the .iss file.
  4. When you complete the upgrade, open the .iss file in a text editor and note the identifier for Dlg0. You need this number to run the silent installation. For example: Dlg0={2C20E5A3-D863-458F-B231-6823B8E7C47C}
  5. At the command line, enter the following command to run the upgrade:
    <installerName> /s /ig<GUID> /f1<WINDIR>\Temp\<silentUpgradeFilePath.iss>
    <installerName> is the name of the Application Server installer.
    <GUID> is the identification number for the GUID from the .iss file.
    <silentInstallFilePath.iss> is the name of the response file you created.
    For example:
    D:\BladeLogic\8.6\BBSA86-WIN32.exe /s /ig{2C20E5A3-D863-458F-B231-6823B8E7C47C} /f1C:\8_6upgradeAppServer.iss
    Guideline-There should be no space between the /f1 option and the .iss file name.
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