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Upgrading the Network Shell or the RSCD agent using RPM

You can use the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) to upgrade the Network Shell or the RSCD agent. You can also use RPM to upgrade existing shell-based installations of the Network Shell or the RSCD agent.


BMC Server Automation supports using RPM to upgrade NSH or the RSCD agent only from version 8.0 or later to version 8.2 and later. Upgrading from version 7.6 is not supported.

To upgrade the Network Shell or the RSCD agent 

Run the following command with root privileges:

rpm -Uvh <rpmInstallerName>

where <rpmInstallerName> is the name of the RPM installer to which you want to upgrade.

Example -- NSH installation:
rpm -Uvh NSH87-LIN32.rpm

Example -- RSCD agent installation:
rpm -Uvh RSCD87-LIN32.rpm


If the RSCD agent or NSH was installed in a non-default location, you can use the --prefix option with the rpm command to preserve the installation location. For example, if the agent was installed in /apps/bmc/Bladelogic instead of the /opt/bmc/bladelogic default, you can run the following command:

rpm -Uvh --prefix /apps/bmc/BladeLogic RSCD87-LIN32.rpm

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