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Upgrading the Network Shell on Linux and UNIX

This topic provides instructions for upgrading an installation of the Network Shell on Linux or UNIX.

If you installed the Network Shell as part of a Application Server or BMC Server Automation Console installation, upgrading that installation automatically upgrades the Network Shell.

You can also use silent mode to upgrade a Network Shell installation. For information, see Using silent mode to install or upgrade the Network Shell (Linux and UNIX).


If you previously installed the Network Shell using a shell-based (.sh) installer, you can upgrade using a native installer for the same platform (.bff for AIX, .rpm for Linux, or .gz for Solaris). However, the opposite is not possible: If you previously installed the Network Shell using a native installer, you cannot upgrade using a shell-based (.sh) installer.

To upgrade the Network Shell

  1. Log on as root.
  2. Navigate to the directory that contains the upgrade files and run the script for the Network Shell version to which you want to upgrade. (Script names follow the convention: NSHversion-platform.)
    The following message is displayed:
    A previous installation already exists.
    Do you wish to continue (y/n) ?
  3. Enter y.
    A message is displayed that lets you choose a language for the installation program.
  4. Enter the number corresponding to the language that you want to use.
    A message is displayed that a previous installation is detected and you are prompted to continue with the upgrade.
  5. Enter y.
    Licensing text is displayed and concludes with the following message:
    Do you agree to the terms of the license agreement (y for Yes) ?
  6. Enter y.
    A list displays the Network Shell as the component to be upgraded and asks if you want to continue.
  7. Enter y.
    Several messages are displayed, and the upgrade is complete.
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