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Troubleshooting user interface issues

The following topics discuss troubleshooting issues with the BMC Server Automation Console:

Controlling the display of the quick start page

As an advanced user of BMC Server Automation, you are not interested in viewing the quick start page, which is displayed, by default, whenever you log on to the BMC Server Automation Console. Depending on the level of control that you want over the display of the quick start page, you have the following options:

Who is affectedFunctionality affectedHow to controlComments
Specific user logged on to the consoleDisplay of the quick start page when the console is launched

In Preferences, browse to BladeLogic > Display Options, and clear (to disable) or select (to enable) the Show quick start page on login check box.

You can launch the quick start page manually at any time after logging on to the console, using the Quick Start Page option in the Configuration menu.
All users logged on to consoles connected to the Application ServerAny display of the quick start page (at any time)

To disable the quick start page, start the Application Server Administration console and run the following blasadmin command with a value of true:

set AppServer DisableBSAConsoleQuickStartPage true

After disabling, you cannot open the quick start page manually.

Before using this blasadmin command (with a value of false) to re-enable the display of the quick start page, ensure that you used the unified product installer to install or upgrade to BMC Server Automation 8.6.x. This requirement ensures that you have all BladeLogic content necessary for successful execution of the use cases that appear on the quick start page.

Object name is not displayed correctly

You should not use non-displaying characters (such as alt-255, the null character) in object names.

Browsing an audit causes out of memory error

If browsing an audit results in an Out of Memory message for the console, increase the max heap size of the RCP client (the console) to 1024MB. (The default is 512MB.) Then restart the console. You can change the setting in the <installDirectory>/CM/rcp/launcher.inifile.

Custom command fails but does not display error message

In certain scenarios, a custom command could fail without displaying an error message. One example of such a scenario is when a managed host is resolvable on the Application Server but not on the client. The error message that the server is not resolvable appears only briefly and then closes.

Workaround: Examine the definition of the custom command. The default behavior for custom commands is to close the command immediately after completion. If the Command Options section has the Close the command window as soon as the operation has finished option selected, clear that selection and run the command again.

Help pages are not accessible when launched from the Console

On some Linux platforms, you may encounter a Connection terminated unexpectedly error while trying to access BMC Server Automation help pages from within the Console.

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