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Researching a failed OVAL interpreter process

The Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) interpreter running on a target server might fail.

If the OVAL interpreter fails on one of the target servers, a red X icon appears with the Job Run results to indicate that an error occurred.

To research a failed OVAL interpreter process

  1. Right-click the Job Run and select Show Log.
  2. Scroll in the log to find error messages. A message about a failed OVAL interpreter contains the affected target server name.
  3. In the BMC Server Automation Console, live browse the target server with the failed process.
  4. Examine the OVAL log file. The log file is in the same folder as the OVAL result files:


    For example:

    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RSCD\tmp\SCAPCompliance_2000001_96_localhost\20000301-2000001_72cf9500-6f4f-4fb0
  5. Find the error messages at the end of the log. 
  6. If you require more detailed failure analysis, re-run the Job in Certification Mode using Debug level, available in advanced settings. 
    After the Job executes, you can use one of the following options to analyze failures:
    • The Analyze option on the Job run node for the targets you wish to analyze
    • Export the error logs (using the Export OVAL Interpreter Logs option) to any location and review the logs. The logs contain information about the Ovaldi definitions/states and error messages.
  7. If you require further assistance with interpreting the exported logs, contact BMC Customer Support and provide the exported logs.
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