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Service Pack 1: version 8.6.01

This topic contains information about fixes and updates in Service Pack 1 (product version 8.6.01), and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see 8901Known and corrected issues.


The following topics describe the updates and enhancements included in this service pack:


Support for automatic upgrade of local agent in the unified product installer

For Windows and Linux 64-bit upgrades, the unified product installer upgrades all local RSCD agents (installed using the -local option) along with the regular RSCD agents in the BMC Server Automation environment. Note that the local RSCD agents must be running when the UPI is executed, so that it can detect and upgrade the local RSCD agents. For information about running the UPI for upgrade, see Upgrading on Windows using the unified product installer.

If the unified product installer is not supported for your platform, you can manually upgrade the agent by following the instructions in Upgrading components using the local option on UNIX or Linux.


Out-of-the-box agent installer jobs and depot objects

  • The unified product installer automatically installs agent installer jobs and depot objects (such as agent installers, agent packages, and agent bundles) that are available for installing or upgrading agents on servers in the environment. The agent installers, agent packages and bundles, and agent installer jobs are present in the following locations:
    • Agent installers - Found in /Depot/BMC Maintenance/Agent Installers/ - Used for Agent install and upgrade
    • Agent bundles - Found in /Depot/BMC Maintenance/Agent Bundles/ - Used for Agent upgrade
    • Agent installer jobs - Found in /BMC Maintenance/Agent Installer Jobs/ - Used for Agent upgrade
  • The Quick Start page now includes links to the above items, for immediate use post-upgrade, eliminating the step to manually create Agent installer packages.

For more information about using these objects, see Installing one or more agents using the BMC Server Automation Console and Upgrading the RSCD agent on Linux and UNIX and Upgrading RSCD agents on Windows.

Warning: Modifying the name or path of these objects may cause errors in the agent installation process.

ConsoleLocation of 32-bit installation filesFrom version 8.6.01 and higher, the RCP client installer file BBSACONSOLE<version>-WIN32.exe for Linux x64 is only available in the Windows 32-bit bundle (BBSA86-WIN32.zip).
DatabasePatch domain historical database cleanupPatch domain historical database cleanup is enabled for BMC Server Automation 8.6 SP1. For more information see, Types of data commonly included in cleanups.
InstallationNew Disk1 folderA new folder (Disk1) is created when you extract installation files for Linux platforms. The new folder structure upon extraction is: <temporary location>/Disk1/files
LocalizationL10N support for unifed product installer

L10N support has been added for the unified product installer in BMC Server Automation 8.6 SP1.

Note: While the majority of strings are now localized in 8.6.01, there are a few strings that may still display in English on non-English locale machines.

PXE serverLocation of installation files on remote PXE servers

When you upgrade the PXE server using the unified product installer, if the PXE server is on a different subnet than the target server, the Remote Site or the Different Subnet check box is selected in the Discovered BladeLogic Server Automation Infrastructure panel. In this case, the unified product installer does not automatically copy the installation files to the remote machine; you must manually copy the PXE installer to the following directory on the remote machine:

  • For Linux, copy the PXE installer to the /tmp directory
  • For Windows:
    1. Create the BBSAInstallerDumpDir directory under the remote machine's system drive.
    2. Copy the PXE installer to the C:\BBSAInstallerDumpDir directory.
UpgradeRemoval of SQL Update scripts

As of BMC Server Automation 8.6 SP1, the task of running SQL Update scripts, which was necessary in the past for any upgrade to a BMC Server Automation patch or service pack, is no longer required during an upgrade. The database upgrade is now handled internally by the unified product installer, in the case of Windows and Linux 64-bit upgrades, or the configurator utility, in the case of upgrades for other platforms. Both the unified product installer and the configurator utility were introduced in version 8.6.

UpgradeSTATELESS_ONLY optionIf you are upgrading an Application Server running on Solaris platforms, you must run the configurator utility with the –J STATELESS_ONLY=true option to upgrade your database. This task is required only for upgrades from previous versions of BMC Server Automation to 8.6.x versions. 
User interfaceQuick Start page

The Quick Start page is not available in the Console if you have upgraded BMC Server Automation to version 8.6.00.

The page is accessible from the Console when you upgrade to version 8.6 SP1. For more information on how to use the Quick Start page to execute your BMC Server Automation use cases, see Quick start page.

Downloading the service pack

Service Pack 1 for version 8.6 includes full installers for all components. You can download the files for version 8.6.01 from the BMC Server Automation 8.6.01 download page at the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website.

For full download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

For a list of installation programs by OS, see Installation programs for BMC Server Automation.

Installing the service pack as a fresh product installation

If you are installing this service pack as a fresh product installation, download the Patch files and then follow the instructions in Installing individual components.

Upgrading to the service pack

The upgrade steps for this patch depend on the Application Server platform from which you are upgrading. The following sections explain the two paths.

PlatformSee this topic for detailsNotes
Microsoft Windows or LinuxUpgrading to version 8.6 SP1 for Microsoft Windows and LinuxThis path uses the unified product installer, introduced in version 8.6, to automatically upgrade the database, file server, Application Server, and other components.
SolarisUpgrading to version 8.6 SP1 for Solaris  This path is a manual upgrade that uses the configurator utility, introduced in version 8.6, to upgrade the database, and then uses the component installers to upgrade individual components.


If you need to upgrade from a BMC Server Automation version earlier than 8.3, you must first upgrade to the latest 8.5 service pack, as discussed in the Upgrading section of the BMC Server Automation 8.5 online documentation. Afterwards, you can upgrade from version 8.5.xx to 8.6.x.

New items installed when you upgrade to version 8.6

What kinds of things are installed?

The blcontent is installed to support the use cases that appear on the quick start page (such as out-of-the-box compliance, discovery, and patching jobs). The blcontent consists of the following:

  • Pre-defined roles
  • Extended objects
  • Component templates 
  • Patch catalogs
  • Jobs (such as out-of-the-box Provisioning Jobs for Windows and Red Hat, agent installer jobs for various platforms, and so on)
  • Depot objects (such as system packages for provisioning, agent installer packages, and so on)

Some of the content is installed by using ZipKits, which are pre-defined content used for a specific task. 

 Click here to see a list of the ZipKits that are included in the upgrade.

ZipKit nameType of objects installed
Patch Ready (Windows)Component template
Extended object
Depot objects 
Windows 2012 R2 Standard ConfigurationComponent template
Depot objects 

Activation Status_Windows

(For Windows 2008 Servers and above only)

Extended object
IIS 8.5 (Windows 2012 R2)Depot object (package)
LAMP on CentOS 6Depot object (package)
Provisioning - Redhat Linux 6.0 (Internal zipkit, used by quick start page)Depot object (package)
Provisioning - Windows 2012 (Internal zipkit, used by quick start page)Depot object (package)

There are many other ZipKits available to you for use in your BMC Server Automation environment. To see the full list, go to BMC Communities.

What if I don't want it? 

If you do not want these time-to-value enhancements, you can do the following:

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