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Licensing RSCD Agents from older product versions

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BMC Server Automation supports backward compatibility with older versions of RSCD Agents. This topic explains the various ways to license older BMC Bladelogic RSCD agents (version 8.1 or earlier) that you might have in your environment. An RSCD agent can be licensed in either of the following ways: online or offline. 


This page applies only to RSCD Agent versions 8.1 and earlier. As of 8.2, you are no longer required to license an RSCD Agent. This topic is meant only as a reference for environments that still have 8.1 RSCD Agents.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have obtained an account for licensing an RSCD Agent of version 8.1 or eariler. To obtain the license account, register at https://www.bladelogic.com/customerRegistration.jsp

To license an agent in online mode using autolic

If the BladeLogic server or server that needs to be licensed has Internet connectivity, then it can be licensed using the autolic command.

For the autolic command, use the following syntax:

autolic <username> <password> <hostname>
  • username is the BladeLogic Support user ID
  • password is the BladeLogic Support password
  • hostname is the host or list of hosts that need to be licensed


Another way to license RSCD agents while installing them is to use the Bulk Agent Installer. For more details regarding this method, see the BMC Server Automation Bulk RSCD Agent Installer User Guide.

To license an agent in combined offline and online mode

If you are not able to run the autolic command to directly license servers, you can use an upload and download method. This is useful when you have an environment that does not have connectivity to the BMC Server Automation licensing server.

The following example steps are for the licensing of an RSCD agent on the RUH-003-BBL-001 server. These steps can be performed from any server where NSH is installed and where connectivity exists between servers. If the host is UNIX, ensure that the NSHDIR variable is set on the UNIX system before launching NSH.

  1. Launch an NSH shell.
  2. Run the getlic command: getlic <server name>. The <server name> is the name of the server where RSCD agent in installed and needs to be licensed.

    The getlic command generates a license.raw file for the server that needs to be licensed.
  3. Log on to the BladeLogic website (https://www.bladelogic.com/support/index.jsp) using your BladeLogic Support IDand password, and click on the Licensing link in left pane of the web page.
  4. Upload the license.raw file by clicking the Browse button:
  5. After the license.raw file has uploaded, click Submit.
    A license.dat file is generated.
  6. Download the license.dat file to the server that needs to be licensed. In this case download the file to RUH-003-BBL-001.
  7. Launch NSH and execute the putlic command.

    The putlic command licenses the server. To verify whether the server RUH-BBL-003-001 is licensed, perform the agentinfo command from NSH.
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