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Storage sizing recommendations

This topic provides guidelines for estimating data storage requirements for a BMC Server Automation installation.

Database sizing

Many factors influence the amount of storage consumed by the database that supports a BMC Server Automation installation. Factors of particular importance are:

  • Number of managed servers
  • Number and frequency of jobs run for each target
  • Required retention period for historic job run data

For new installations for which no previous baseline data is available, BMC suggests a planning figure of 15 MB per managed server as a very general guideline for configuring the BMC Server Automation database server. However, you can use the following database sizing recommendations as starting points for your sizing exercise.

Environment size



Disk space

Number of Application Servers

Small (less than 5,000 to 10,000 managed targets)

8 x 3.0 GHz+ 64-bit

16 GB

150 GB


Medium (7,000 to 25,000 managed targets)

16 x 3.0 GHz+ 64-bit

24 GB

900 GB


Large (more than 25,000 managed targets)

16-24 x 3.0 GHz+ 64-bit

24 GB

1 TB


Note that the environment size depends on the number of managed targets, the use-cases you are implementing, and the expected job runtimes.


For the latest sizing and scalability recommendations refer to the BMC Server Automation Sizing Guide in the BMC Communities. 

Patch repository sizing

BMC Server Automation patch content, which is stored in patch repositories, varies in size depending on application and vendor. The following table presents patch storage requirements for various Microsoft applications, as observed in November 2011.

Patch download filter


Microsoft Windows Server 2003

5 GB

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

5 GB

Microsoft SQL Server 2005

10 GB

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

5 GB

Microsoft Office 2007

8 GB

Local storage requirements

Major patch deployments for Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX operating systems can require about 1 GB of local storage under /var/tmp on each host to be patched. However, the actual local storage required for patching can be more depending on the number of patches to be deployed.

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