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Include or Exclude Selection

The Include/Exclude Selection dialog box, accessed from the Analysis Options panel during the creation of a Patching Job, enables you to create a list of includes or excludes for specific patches.

Field definitions

Import Patches from Qnumber File
(For Windows)

As an alternative to selecting patches from the hierarchical tree, use this field to specify a .txt file that contains a list of the QNumbers for the patches that you want to include or exclude from the catalog for Patch analysis. Each line in the .txt file must contain one QNumber.

Available Patches, Selected Patches

In the list of available patches, select patches that you want to add to the Inclusion or Exclusion list and click the right arrow to move your selections to the Selected Patches list on the right. Use the left arrow to remove an item from the list of selected patches.

Include, Exclude

Whether the list of selected patches is to be included or excluded in Patch analysis.

Note that if a patch A is added in both the lists, the exclude list overrides the include list, that is, the patch A is not included in the analysis. However, if patch A is a dependency of another patch B, which is in the include list, then patch A will be included in the analysis.

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