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Sample BMC Server Automation UCS Manager environment

The following figure shows a typical physical configuration of components for the BMC Server Automation UCS Manager environment. You may use a different configuration to suit the needs of your enterprise.

Sample BMC Server Automation UCS Manager configuration

Communication between the Application Server and UCS systems occurs through the BMC Server Automation UCS Manager server. The RSCD agent and the UCS-specific configuration objects on that server facilitate the communication.

To set up the environment for browsing and managing components in UCS systems, you designate one of your servers as the BMC Server Automation UCS Manager server and install an RSCD agent on that server. Using the GUI features in the BMC Server Automation Console, you add that server as a managed server, distribute UCS-specific configuration objects to the server, set a few configuration values, and add the UCS systems that you want to manage to the console. For more information about configuring BMC Server Automation UCS Manager, see  Setting up BMC Server Automation UCS Manager.

To provision blades, you must configure the network connections between the BMC Server Automation data store and Cisco UCS systems. For information, see UCS Manager provisioning.

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