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Integrating BMC Server Automation with Cisco UCS Manager

BMC Server Automation UCS Manager enables you to manage and provision one or more Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) using the BMC Server Automation Console. BMC Server Automation UCS Manager integrates with and leverages the Cisco UCS Manager, the management interface embedded on a Cisco UCS platform. BMC Server Automation UCS Manager unifies the Cisco computing infrastructure with BMC management and automation capabilities. The result is a virtual computing system that provides quality business services, with efficient operations and maintenance procedures and the highest levels of availability and performance.

For an example of a typical physical configuration of components for the BMC Server Automation UCS Manager environment, see Sample BMC Server Automation UCS Manager environment.


Throughout the documentation, the term UCS system refers to a Cisco UCS platform and its hierarchy of components, including the various chassis that are connected to it, the blades, network interfaces, policies, and profiles. 

For information about installing and configuring the BMC Server Automation UCS Manager environment, see Setting up BMC Server Automation UCS Manager.

After you install and configure the BMC Server Automation UCS Manager, the BMC Server Automation Console displays a view in its Content Editor specifically for browsing and managing UCS systems. The following table provides an overview of the UCS management functions that are available through the BMC Server Automation Console, and includes links to topics with detailed instructions and information.

Task or featureDescriptionSupporting topic
Browse the UCS environmentBrowse the physical and logical hierarchies of UCS platforms, and view detailed current information about organizations, profiles, chassis, blades, and other UCS elements.Browsing UCS nodes
Manage the UCS system

Perform the following management actions on the appropriate UCS nodes:

  • Add or remove a UCS system
  • Start or stop a blade or a profile
  • Add or change the association of a blade
  • Create or delete organization units
  • Create a template from a profile.
  • Add, move, or remove the association of a profile with a blade
  • Reclaim resources
Managing UCS systems
Generate snapshots, audits, and compliance analysis for UCS nodes

Run BMC Server Automation Snapshot and Audit jobs on selected nodes in a UCS system and apply compliance rules for compliance analysis of UCS nodes.

Running Snapshot Jobs and Audit Jobs on UCS nodes

Provision UCS blades

Use BMC Server Automation UCS Manager to provision a blade in a UCS system. A UCS Provisioning Job associates a UCS profile to a blade. It can optionally associate a BMC Server Automation Provisioning Job to the blade, initiating a bare-metal provisioning of an operating system.

UCS Manager provisioning
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