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Uninstalling the BMC Server Automation Console on Linux and UNIX

This topic provides instructions for uninstalling the BMC Server Automation Console and the instance of Network Shell that was installed with the console on UNIX and Linux.

Before you begin

To uninstall the BMC Server Automation Console on UNIX and Linux

  1. Log on as root.
  2. Navigate to the directory in which BMC Server Automation components are installed. By default, this directory is /opt/bmc/bladelogic or /opt/bmc/bladelogic/appserver.
  3. Navigate to the UninstallBMCClientInstaller subdirectory.
  4. Invoke the installation script by entering the following command:
    An X Window opens. The installation program displays a series of messages.
  5. Select the language in which you want to run the installer and click OK
  6. When the Welcome window opens, click Next.

    A window displays the components that you can uninstall.
  7. Select the components, and then click Next.

    A window displays the components to be uninstalled.
  8. Click Uninstall.

    A window displays the successful completion of uninstallation.
  9. (optional) To view the uninstallation log, click View Log.
  10. Click Done.
    Uninstallation is complete.


    The uninstallation process does not delete some log files that BMC Server Automation creates. If you plan to reinstall a later version of BMC Server Automation in the same location, be sure to completely remove all leftover files to avoid conflicts. The easiest way to do this is to delete all files in the installation directory (for example, <installDir>/CM/).

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