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Unified Agent Installer - Agent Installer Job - Options

The Agent Installer Job - Options panel specifies actions that can occur after an agent is installed on a server.

 Related agent installation object

The Unified Agent Installer uses the information you provide on this panel to create an Agent Installer Job. For detailed information about this type of object, see Creating an Agent Installer Job.

Agent options

If an agent is successfully installed, the actions you select below are performed.



Update Server Properties

Update the system with properties from the target servers on which you are installing agents.

Update Configuration Objects Registration

Register any configuration objects that are found on the agent and defined in the Configuration Object Dictionary.

Push Agent ACLs

Push agent ACLs to the servers that this job targets.
To push ACLs, the system converts the access control list defined for a server into a users configuration file and pushes that file to the agent. The access control list is derived from user permissions defined in the RBAC system.

Job options



Preserve Staging Area On Failure

Specifies whether information copied to a staging area on a target server during installation should be preserved if the installation fails. By default, when the system has finished installing an agent, it automatically deletes all files in the staging area.

Agent Installer Job folder

Identifies the folder to store the Agent Installer Job that is created by the Unified Agent Installer.

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