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Defining alternative staging directories

In some situations you might want to use a different staging directory on a remote host when installing an agent.

When you add a server to the system, the system sets the server's STAGING_DIR property to the directory /temp/stage for Microsoft Windows targets and /var/tmp/stage for UNIX. During agent installation, the system temporarily copies the files it needs to the staging directory. When the system has finished installing the agent, it automatically deletes the files.

The directory specified by the STAGING_DIR property must meet the following requirements:

  • It must have enough space to accommodate the installer files that the agent installation process places there. These installer files can be quite large, often several hundred megabytes.
  • The user account that the agent installation process uses to connect to the target server must have access to this directory. This user account is identified by the automation principal used during remote host authentication (see Specifying or modifying information for remote host authentication).

If the default directory does not meet these requirements, change the STAGING_DIR property to point to a directory that does meet the requirements. For more information on changing properties, see Working with properties.

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