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Agents in BMC Server Automation

Agents are fundamental to BMC Server Automation. The BMC Server Automation Console provides functionality for installing multiple agents simultaneously or installing agents one at a time.

Agents in BMC Server Automation

BMC Server Automation is primarily a system based on RSCD agents. The RSCD agent is a small program that must be installed and running on each server that BMC Server Automation manages. Agents allow you to perform actions on remote servers and obtain information from those servers.

Installation options

BMC Server Automation provides the following methods for installing agents:

  • Install individual agents manually — Run installation programs to install an agent on a single server. For more information about individual installations, see Installing.
  • Install one or more agents using the BMC Server Automation Console — Run an Agent Installer Job, which installs agents on one or more servers simultaneously. For information about the console's agent installation capabilities, see Agent installation overview. You can also use the Agent Installer Job to upgrade existing agents.

Agentless objects

BMC Server Automation can support devices that do not have agents installed. BMC calls these agentless managed objects (AMOs). Typically, AMOs are used for virtualization (see Provisioning VMs). BMC Server Automation manages AMOs through servers equipped with a custom configuration object that can communicate with the agentless device. BMC refers to these intermediary servers as AMO proxies.

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