Changes in Network Shell commands in recent versions

The following table provides a reference summary of Network Shell commands that were updated in the past few versions of BMC Server Automation.


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Type of changeBSA versionCommandOptionDescription
New option8.2.01agentctltoggle

Toggles agent log level between debug and the level currently configured.

When the RSCD Agent starts, it reads the log level from the log4crc.txt file. You can use this option if you want to change this log level to debug without having to restart the RSCD Agent.

New option8.6.00agentctlpasswd

Modifies the Agent password in the Windows registry and starts the agent service.

New option8.7.00agentinfo-h

In CSV output format, instead of actual hostname, show provided host name or IP address.

New option8.6.00blsecscan-c

Use scanner caching (copy of scanner(s) is kept on the host).

New option8.7.00bzip2--fast

Alias for the -1 option, set block size to 100k.

This option is primarily for GNU gzip compatibility.

New option8.7.00bzip2--best

Alias for the -9 option, set block size to 900k.

This option is primarily for GNU gzip compatibility.

New option8.5.00BLPatchCheck2-pcPerforms a precheck
New option8.5.00diff-gTreat all files as binary files
New option8.5.00ndiff-gTreat file as binary
New option8.6.00ngrep-dUse Advanced ERE (Non POSIX) in egrep
New option8.2.01ngrep-WUse Wide Character pattern matching
New option8.3.03



Ignore native collation locale value (LC_COLLATE) and use "C" locale for sorting.

This is useful in cases where you want to perform ASCII-based sorting, irrespective of the locale set on the system.

New option8.6.00sedA

Interpret regular expressions as Advanced extended regular expressions (Non POSIX), rather than extended regular expressions (EREs). This option takes precedence over the -E option.

New option8.9.00secadmin-s

Specify if hostname is behind socks proxy (use with -a or -d or -m).

New option8.9.01secadmin-sa

Add 'behind_socks=yes' to specified hostname entry (use with -m)

New option8.9.01secadmin-srRemove 'behind_socks=yes' from specified hostname entry (use with -m)
New option8.7.00secadmin-t nSpecify connection timeout in seconds
New option8.8.00secadmin-H nSpecify client keepalive time in seconds, as a positive integer
New option8.2.01tcptunnel-bRun in background
Feature update8.2.01cygwinppid —

New elements in the output:

  • Outputs before change: cygpid, cygppid
  • Outputs after change: cygpid, cygppid, winpid, winppid
Feature update8.6.00ps —

Implemented for Windows, in addition to Linux.

New command8.5.00lv —

Runs command ls and automatically turns on option -v (that is, equivalent to running ls -v).

Informational update8.5.00chapw-d

Information added to the man page: For these options, the role chosen for running the command must have an automation principal associated with it.

Informational update8.5.00df2-k
Information added to the man page: For any amount that is less than 1 unit (as specified by the option), a value of 0 is displayed.
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