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Enabling the iDRAC provisioning service

For an iDRAC device to use the iDRAC provisioning service, you must enable the service on the BMC Server Automation Application Server.

Before you begin

For the iDRAC provisioning service to function properly ensure you have setup the environment to support provisioning, as discussed in Reviewing requirements for provisioning

To enable the iDRAC provisioning service

  1. On the Application Server, start the Application Server Administration console (the blasadmin utility).
    • Microsoft Windows: From the Start menu, select Programs > BMC Software > BladeLogic Server Automation Suite > Utilities > Application Server Administration.
    • Linux and UNIX: From the BMC Server Automation installation directory, enter: .br/blasadmin
  2. Enable the iDRAC provisioning service. Enter:
    set appserver EnableIDRACService true
  3. Set the https port on which the iDRAC auto-discovery service listens. (The default is 4433.) Enter:
    set appserver HttpsIDRACPortNumber 4433
  4. Restart the application server.
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